Web Consultant
Deliver your project online, on time and on budget !

Web consultant expertise

I am based in Paris, France and I help you when it comes to build a complex and tailored web tool : business solution or corporate web site

From design to production

Building a tailored web tool like a market place, a website or any business web tool envolves many different skills : user experience and interface designers, web developers, seo specialists, server administration experts, web content copywriters, project managers, legal and GDPR specialists...
Startups, small companies, NGOs or even multinational companies don't always have those specific and fast changing technical skills on how to build a web project.
Thus I bring my expertise and my experts network to your organisation and we help you to build your custom web tools.
We support your teams all through the development of your custom tool to deliver the project online, on time and on budget !
We help you to design the right user experience and implement it by following up development process and checking deliveries.
Our expertise field encompass all web based tools or corporate web sites.

User centric analysis Product Owner Assistance UX and wireframing Planning Specifications Providers selection Follow up Quality audit WordPress Drupal PHP Node.js Python MongoDB

  • UX design analysis with a powerful user centric method
  • Strong technical web expertise for delivery evaluation
  • Efficient method for dev team follow up
  • Audit : SEO / perf / UX

Other services

Digital strategy

I help you in building your digital strategy for your brand or company : social media, websites, data architecture, digital marketing.

On boarding campaigns

I promote, explain and demonstrate your product to your team and users and help them to improve their KPIs (e-mailing campaigns, workshops, presentations & demonstrations )


I help you finding the right person and provide you with a technical evaluation of your candidates.



With 16 years of experiences in web development, I can build a technical solution that matches your business needs.

If code quality is very important to me, I also values User Experience and propose the best compromise according to costs and time constrains.

Methodology - I like working with Scrum Agile method.

Tools - Kanbanflow, Asana, or Trello for project management, Git for versioning, functional testing, minifiers and linter to help with Gulp. I usually work with shared Google Docs.

Learn more on my web consulting activity (in french)

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contact@qodop.com More infos on qodop.com