Web Engineer
Deliver your project online, on time and on budget !


I work on 2 stacks : node.js - Mongodb and Wordpress.

You need a stunning website for your business ?

Wordpress php / mysql Elasticsearch

  • Opensource
  • User friendly administration
  • Low cost

You need a complex amazing web application ?

node.js MongoDB

  • Fast
  • High scalability
  • Real time



With 10 years of experience in web development, I can build a technical solution for your business needs.

If code quality is very important to me, I also values User Experience and propose the best compromise according to costs and time constrains.

Methodology - I like working on an Agile mode with Kanban method but I also work from written specifications.

Tools - Kanbanflow, Asana, or Trello for project management, Git for versioning, functional testing, minifiers and linter to help with Gulp. I usually work with shared Google Docs and Skype.

Contact Me

7 rue de Palestro, 75003 Paris, France

00 33 + (0)6 52 24 93 83


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